Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reporting Day (R-Day) at West Point

The infamous R-Day for the Class of 2013 at USMA (West Point) is 29 June 2009, and thus nearly 1300 anxious youngsters (and their parents) are eating a final meal together this evening and will likely stare at the ceiling of their hotel rooms in a futile attempt to sleep. Alas, my own R-Day experiences are pretty vague and with only a few clear recollections on just what the heck happened all day.

These days I get the much-nicer job of being an Admissions Officer for USMA. This year I put 31 kids from Alabama into the system, including 16 from the Huntsville metro area. Oh how well I remember my own R-Day 19 years ago, and glad I'm not doing that again! Here is a photo with one of my candidates, placed in an advertisement recruiting others to join the Admissions team.

Best of luck to the Class of 2013. Surf into West Point's website for details and photos.