Sunday, August 29, 2010

Various Weekend Activities

Haven't posted up much in a while. Running adventures took a hiatus once my training for Leadville Trail 100 was derailed by knee pain. But an interesting and productive weekend at Casa De Kennedy.

Saturday morning was the Running of the Bulls 5k at nearby Big Cove Creek Greenway and Hays Nature Preserve, so I took the boys over there to volunteer at the race as part of my Fleet Free Racing Team duties. We got the water station set up, and Matthew worked that part wiht other volunteers while Andy and I played traffic cop up the street where the greenway crossed the road. FF Team members Donald Bowman and Dana Overton won the respective overall titles, while Eric Charette raced then put down 16min total of the day. Incidentally, othjer FFRT members were up at the Lean Horse 100 in South Dakota, where the early word is that Blake Thompson raced to an unbelievable 17:45, Eric Fritz completed his first 100, and Rob Youngren racked up yet abother 100M finish.

In the afternoon I took Matthew to his karate test at Alexander’s Martial Arts, going for Brown 2 this time. But this these tests can last 3+ hours (this one went 3½ hrs), I went over to Crossfit-Huntsville and took the excellent POSE Method running workshop for an hour, then back to Matthew’s test until it wrapped up. Meanwhile, Kirsten was at Southern Adventures waterslides with Andy and Luke, nice afternoon for it. I pulled the CF WOD for the day at home, then Matthew and I mowed and edged the lawn, along with other general yard work. I tell you, 1-2 more years and having three boys will become an advantage as I train my slave labor force to take care of the yard, clean the dishes, and more! After all that I grilled some homemade burgers from our stock of grass-finished beef.

Sunday has been relatively chill. After church in the morning, I put in a workout, then Kirsten and Matthew went to a birthday party at the Redstone bowling alley on post. Me and Andy did some homework, read books, then cooked dinner for the crew. (And I managed to write a blog post!)